Wednesday, January 19, 2011


DAMN.  If we had the money, we'd be on the way to VA right now.  Instead, we're posting this in hopes that someome who truly deserves and appreciates this bike ends up with it.  A true piece of history and chopper glory...

More science from the owner/builder/righteous bro:

"...I hope to find someone to give Phoenix a good home to be restored, not parted out. After attending several shows lately, I find most custom bikes these days are store bought frames with store bought engines and parts, I have felt that if I had entered Phoenix, I could take a trophy with rust and all... Back then the stores didn't exist and I spent many hours building (and rebuilding) this motorcycle. It's been a long ride (story) for the two of us but I'm 58 and Phoenix is 59. The paint was laid by a local legend, J.D.Luck, with me doing the design, taping, sanding, etc. Thank you J.D. I'll add more pictures as I find them.
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Check it out here:

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